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The SGAE-E ±90° is a robust low-bed AGV with lifting function, which is built to lift and move high-capacity pallets, racks, and more. Its speed, dimensions, and final payload capacity are all fully customizable.

Payload type

Pallet , Lifted cart / rack / trolley , Heavy unit load

Max. Payload

30000 kg (66139 Ibs)

Dimensions (LxWxH)


Max. Lift Height

300 mm (12 in)


APAC , Europe , Middle East & Africa , N. America , S. America

Multi-brand fleet



MORELLO has been a leading global manufacturer of innovative high-tech electric transporter vehicles since 1946. We produce tailor made AGVs for any loads and environment.

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Plan now for an automated future

Transitioning to automated guided vehicles can be a practical means of future-proofing your business, enabling you to boost efficiency, increase capacity, and at the same time improve safety on-site. So, with the automated guided vehicle market set to boom in the coming years, now is the perfect time to consider your AGV strategy.

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