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KS Control iLifter 10.0

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The iLifter 10.0 is an automated forklift capable of moving payloads weighing up to ten tons. It offers hybrid (autonomous/manual) operation, a 4-wheel dynamic steering system, and energy-saving lithium-ion battery technology for dynamic 24-hour operation, while the iLifter's built-in 3D camera technology allows payloads to be placed very precisely, including the possibility of stacking these in multiple layers (i.e. on racks or in a truck). 

Various material handling attachments are available, including different types of fork and a turn-tilt roller clamp.

Payload type

Pallet , Heavy unit load

Max. Payload

10000 kg (22046 Ibs)

Dimensions (LxWxH)

3800 x 1960 x 3090 mm

Max. Lift Height

6870 mm (270 in)



KS Control

We are system partners for control and automation. We know the markets, we know the requirements and we can provide the solutions!

360° thinking! – That makes our company unique. We are helped by the synergies from our divisions, which are entirely aligned to intelligent automation.

Our owner-managed company, KS CONTROL GmbH in Mintraching near Regensburg in Bavaria, Germany, with a branch office in Saarbrücken, has over 20 years of experience in communication and automation technology. With our focus on modern control processes in production, assembly, intralogistics and inspection technology, we provide for intelligent networking and visualisations of manufacturing processes and maximum product reliability.

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