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JAG Group MoMa 4

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Designed for use in pharmaceutical & biological laboratories, the JAG MoMa 4 is a Mobile Manipulator cobot. It is composed of a compact and highly agile JAG MiniLite AMR, on top of which is fitted a 4-axis collaborative robotic arm from Brooks Automation.

The MoMa 4 enables samples (typically SBS plates) to be efficiently transported within and between laboratories and departments, such as formulation, analysis, quality control, storage, etc. This cobot can be customized in numerous ways: its paint, its embedded storage system (open or closed, capacity, temperature, ...), its vision system (2D, 3D, lighting), its onboard data reader (barcode, datamatrix, RFID), its gripper and fingers, the cobot's reach, its payload and much more. The MoMa 4 can also interface seamlessly with on-site equipment and software via JAG's proprietary Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

Payload type

Top module / MoMa

Max. Payload

30 kg (66 Ibs)

Dimensions (LxWxH)

685 x 455 x 1730 mm

Max. Lift Height

1320 mm (52 in)



Multi-brand fleet


JAG Group

JAG Group designs and builds turnkey process plants and robotics systems. We are known for our intuitively operated systems that we automate ourselves. Once up and running, we provide maintenance and offer customers support, consulting and optimization over the long term.

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