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FlexQube Navigator Flatbed AMR

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The Navigator Flatbed AMR System comprises FlexQube’s Navigator AMR and its flatbed load carrier. This heavy-duty system is designed to autonomously move pallets, racks, and material kits in manufacturing and warehouse environments. Various sizes of load carrier are available - from 910 x 840 mm to up to 2,520 x 2,520 mm - and thanks to FlexQube’s patented modular concept, different load carriers can be swapped out as required.

Payload type

Pallet , Light unit load , Pulled cart / trolley

Max. Payload

1500 kg (3307 Ibs)

Dimensions (LxWxH)

< 2520 x 2520 mm

Max. Lift Height



Europe , N. America

Multi-brand fleet



FlexQube is a technology company headquartered in Gothenburg with subsidiaries in the USA, Mexico, Germany, England, and Sweden, specializing in cart-based material handling through a patented modular concept. FlexQube develops and designs customized solutions for both robotic and mechanized cart logistics. The company offers robust and self-driving robot carts through its own developed and unique automation concepts. With several years of experience in AGV- and AMR- products within warehousing and manufacturing, FlexQube serves over 1,000 customers in 38 countries, primarily in North America and Europe.

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