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AGV ROI Calculator

Curious about the financial benefits that automated vehicles could bring your business? Use the simple AGV ROI Calculator below to calculate the savings possible.

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How does the ROI calculator work?

Simply fill out each field in the form below. Then, click 'Calculate' to view your business’ predicted ROI chart. We have pre-filled the form with a common ‘forklift to AGV’ upgrade scenario so that you can see instantly how the tool works.

To learn more about the math and assumptions underlying this calculator, check out our detailed ROI for AGVs article.

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Manual Vehicles


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Plan now for an automated future

Transitioning to automated guided vehicles can be a practical means of future-proofing your business, enabling you to boost efficiency, increase capacity, and at the same time improve safety on-site.  So, with the automated guided vehicle market set to boom in the coming years, now is the perfect time to consider your AGV strategy.

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